Arturo Cuenllas

Leadership Coach, Speaker And Book

Leadership Coach, Speaker and Book Author: “A Higher Purpose: 3 Rules of Conscious Leadership.”


An experienced executive with broad expertise in Communication Skills, Leadership and Organizational Behavior. Arturo Cuenllas, has led many teams in different companies and countries (Mexico, Dominican Republic, The Philippines, France, etc.) in the hospitality sector (+20years). He has graduated from Hotel Management at Glion Institute of Higher Education, Executive Master in Tourism Management at IE Business School (graduated with honors), and PDD (High Advanced Management Program) at IESE Business School.


He is passionate about communication skills, analyzing, studying, and teaching role-model organizations, leaders, and best practices in human resources management, organizational behavior, and leadership. His areas of interest are Public speaking skills, corporate cultures, interpersonal communications and conflicts in organizations, high-performing teams, coaching of groups and individuals, motivation, managing creativity in teams, learning organizations, and self- leadership.


Arturo is the founder of Conscious Hospitality, an educational consultancy company with the core competence of providing coaching and leadership programs to managers. His purpose is to train future managers and executives towards a more effective and authentic leadership; a leadership capable of balancing the individual and the organization's needs, and developing high-performing teams with shared values and goals.


He also has teaching experience as an MBA professor at IE Business School, City University of Seattle, a visiting professor in ESCP Europe Business School, and an MBA professor at ESDEN Business School.

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Arturo Cuenllas
Arturo Cuenllas


How Do I Work?


Telephone contact

First contact. Tell me: What are you looking for? What are your necessities? How can I help you?


Work meeting

Our first working meeting. In this reunion we will define with more detail your necessities and improvement opportunities. Here we shall start designing our action plan. 


Action plan

Once we have determined your opportunities. Here comes the plan. How are we going to work? What methods are we going to implement? How many session are we going to implement? What results we shall see in the short and medium terms?


Plan Development

We will put the work plan in motion, and we will continuously measure progress and results.


What They Say About Me

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