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A Higher Purpose: 3 Rules Of Conscious Leadership

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Leading people involves following rules. The problem is that the focus on priorities of shareholders, the inertia of the markets, and many companies' management has confused the rules. But we have already seen that shareholders are not the only stakeholder. This book presents a higher purpose through three rules. These rules, in turn, make up a conscious leadership:


1. Enhance the power in others

2. Enhance the power in yourself

3. Enhance the value among all stakeholders


The first rule is about others. Leading other people is about making them better. Period. Make them do their jobs better and, in turn, make the organization better. So easy to understand, yet so challenging to execute. Because for this to happen we not only have to have suitable employees, but we also have to have appropriate bosses at all levels. We must provide people with adequate leadership. And the setback is that most bosses are mediocre.A leadership crisis that threatens companies. When evaluating bosses, you usually get mediocrity ratings. A mediocre boss is unable to get more out of people and their teams. Throughout the chapters, I will explain why such mediocrity levels are commonplace.For the first rule to be fulfilled, we have to attend to the second rule in parallel. It is not possible to bring out the best in other people if we cannot update our internal operating system.


Leading others also means doing it on yourself. This part will talk about the character of the leader: his or her internal operating system. To be more effective, we have to attend to every conscious leader's vital competencies: self-awareness and emotions. Also, how to update one’s internal operating system. For this, an ancient technique will be presented: meditation and mindfulness. Science has been trying and testing its benefits, both physical and psychological, for more than two decades. It is time to start incorporating these methods into management practices.


The last rule of conscious leadership looks to the rest of the stakeholders. But it focuses on three of them: customers, society (communities) and the environment.

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